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Westchester, lower Putnam & Fairfield Counties Premiere Pooper Scooper Service. Love your dog? Hate picking up poop? Well that’s where we come in. Call of Doody is your friendly neighborhood pooper scooper service that rids your yard of harmful and toxic dog waste.  Contrary to popular belief, dog feces is not fertilizer and contain a plethora of bacteria that can sicken your dog or your family. It is also detrimental to your lawn and if left alone can cause many ailments to grass, shrubs and flowerbeds.

Animal waste doesn’t just wash away with the rain. Studies have shown that contaminates from feces seep into the ground and pollute our wells, streams and reservoirs. Removal of dog waste also dramatically decreases the spread of fecal borne illnesses such as heartworm and hookworm. <read more

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